Pediatric Eye Care

At Right Vision Optometry we pay special attention to the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of eye disease in childhood.

The child’s vision needs special attention and care.  The child accumulates knowledge and basic information about the surrounding world through the senses and vision is the most important one of them.  At the same time, during their early age the children develop intensively and the timely diagnosis of possible anomalies is an important condition for their correction.

Things to notice in children:

  • Constant eye rubbing
  • Frequent blinking
  • Frequent headaches
  • Extreme sensitivity to light
  • Difficult focusing
  • Difficulty in following objects with eyes
  • Chronic eye redness
  • Frequent eye watering, eye fluttering or squinting
  • Difficult seeing objects at a distance
  • Difficult reading at close distance or from the black board or closing one eye to read
  • Eye crossing, or one eye turned inward or outward
  • Bring the objects close to the face
  • Sitting too close to the TV

The Exam

The pediatric eye exam is composed of the same elements that an adult eye exam has, but with one extra feature: Cycloplegic Refraction.

During the cycloplegic refraction the doctor will administer drops that will relax the muscles of accommodations on the child’s eyes to make sure the exact prescription is obtained.

All the other components of the comprehensive eye exams stay the same:

  • A thorough health history
  • Measurement of your refractive errors(prescription for glasses)
  • Pupil assessment to make sure there is no neurological problems
  • Color deficiency testing
  • Peripheral vision testing
  • Intraocular pressure check
  • Muscle alignment testing
  • Retinal Screening / Dilation
  • And a complete health assessment of the anteriorand posterior segment of the eyes will determine if you have any eye diseases or conditions including:
    • Glaucoma
    • Cataracts
    • Macular Degeneration
    • Retinal Problems (Diabetic Retinopathy, Hypertensive Retinopathy, Tumors, etc)
    • Dry Eye Syndrome
    • Computer Fatigue Syndrome
    • Eye infections and other diseases

Most eye diseases/conditions have no early warning signs; therefore, it is crucial to have a yearly eye exam.  We see patients as young as 4years old.

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