Comprehensive Eye Exam


Eye Exam Importance

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Visiting an Optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam, is one of the most accurate ways to ensure the health of your eyes.

During the exam, your eyes are checked for signs of common vision problems and eye diseases.  Most eye diseases/conditions have no early warning signs; therefore, it is crucial to have a yearly eye exam.

During this exam, the doctor checks the following:

  • Any refractive errors that need be corrected with glasses

  • Your pupils to make sure there’s no neurological problems

  • color vision deficiencies

  • Extraocular muscles, to make sure your eyes are moving/aligned correctly

  • The anterior segment of the eye to determine if there’s cataracts, or corneal abnormalities

  • The posterior segment, with dilation, to determine if there’s bleeding or retinal changes due to diseases such as diabetes and hypertension

  • Peripheral vision and intraocular pressure– to determine damage due to glaucoma